The country house is located 100 km away from Moscow; it is surrounded by vegetation with about 2 hectares of ground all around. Since the time we ‘ve met our client, very fond of Italian culture, expressed his wish to transform his dacha into a typical Italian style country house.
The planning stage originates in the idea of reproducing the typical atmosphere of Italian country farmhouse numerous in Italy especially in Tuscany.
The plan “villa Toscana” comes from this idea: following a modern interpretation of ancient cultures present in the Italian territory.
The shell of this villa is made up of a reinforced-concrete ground floor covered with stone and bricks, and a first floor made up of Finn lamellar logs.
The mixture of so different materials, stone, wood, steel and glass gives the house a high architectural value.
The internal space is kept open so the different rooms can communicate , only the flooring and the alternate use of the materials delimit new spaces and functions.
A large double height room leading to the kitchen and the sitting room, is widely seen from the hall. The large glass walls and the external terrace put the interiors in communication with the external landscape emphasizing the beauty of the surrounding nature so that Nature and architecture merge perfectly.