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Turnkey Works

Our speciality is a multifaceted and thorough approach which enables us to fully complete every project to the highest standard. Everything is managed by our company: from the development of ideas and concepts to the management of the project, working with contractors, producing bespoke furniture and supplying materials and furniture. We provide a full project management service from start to finish. Because of this approach, we create outstanding, thoughtful and beautiful objects imbued with life.

Researching Objectives

The first step is research. We fully analyse the needs of our clients, examining their lifestyle, requirements in terms of functionality, and personal tastes. We also assess the state of the property, whether new or in need of re-model.

Trust and Understanding

The partnerships we build with our clients are vital for the success of the project. Most importantly, we have access to the most private and guarded place in their life: his and her home. We place particular emphasis on mutual trust when it comes to resolving any issues which may occur during the completion of a project. Most of our clients become good friends and work with us for many years.

Design Concept

We develop our design concepts in three-dimensional form. At this stage, we can clearly imagine which materials will be used and what the future interior will look like. From 3D simulations with movement resembling computer games to photorealistic renderings, we present our ideas to the client exactly as they will look in real life. The ideas are then enhanced and adjusted, discussing them with the client at every stage in order to achieve the best result.


Generally, a new design will require changes to the internal layout of the building, including moving walls and partitions. Our design department produces drawings for reconstruction taking into account all the wishes of the client. We are available to design not only internal spaces, but also create new facades and area plans. Another speciality is designing homes completely from scratch. Furthermore, in collaboration with local architects, we will ensure the relevant documentation is fully completed for every project and approved by the relevant supervisory authorities.

Interior Design

After finalising all style, architectural and other tasks, the construction of the final design will begin. In close cooperation with manufacturers, suppliers, factories and contractors, the completed design and any construction issues are resolved. Every fine detail is included in the drawings given to the manufacturer, and specifications are established and approved ensuring the clients receive exactly what they want.

Shop Drawings

At this stage the project will become the product, and our technical and logistics departments combine all the details of the project. After sending the set of drawings to our manufacturers we receive shop drawings from them, which to be checked and approved, considering every aspect and planning the course of beauty, functionality and durability.

Furniture Manufacture

When approved shop drawings are sent for production, a thorough work schedule is drawn up, and all stages are controlled by our engineers and designers.

Installation and Assembly

Once all the components have been manufactured, we move on to the assembly stage which is carried out by the contracted qualified installers under our direct control. We work to the highest standards to fully satisfy our client’s requirements.

Supply of Furniture

After the construction has been completed and all interior components have been installed, including doors, windows, stairs, floors, cabinets and panels, all the commissioned objects will be brought in alongside the furniture. This furniture is either made to order for the client or is bought directly from the best furniture brands. We collaborate with more than 200 manufacturers worldwide, and the most famous brands across different price ranges. Working with us, our clients buy furniture from factories directly, so bypassing showrooms and saving up significantly.


Decorating a home is a very important task for us. We supply everything from textiles to art, and from household items to kitchen and bathroom accessories. We pay great attention to detail, and make the best deals possible for our clients in different features, versions and price categories.

Delivery of the Project

The completion date is the time for verification. We inspect and test all components and objects, improving if necessary to ensure everything is installed correctly, and all objects meet the highest standards.

Support and Warranty

The relationship with DesignVinci does not end there. We closely monitor the quality of all our work and provide a full warranty service. In addition, some items, such as walk-in closets and built-in furniture, are tested for several months to make any necessary improvements.

Research of Materials

We are constantly researching new materials and working with our partners to select the best solutions for future projects. We have a huge range of suppliers, both local and foreign. Quality, reliability, functionality and price are all taken into account.

Our Partners

We offer production of interior components from leading high-tech manufacturers in Italy, US and the UK. Depending on the chosen price range, we can offer our customers a variety of materials and furniture who best match their criteria. From new producers to factories with 130 years of history, we provide the best quality at the best price to ensure client satisfaction.

Real Estate Agents

Another part of our business is real estate and DesignVinci can provide an excellent selection of beautiful properties for exclusive clients. Such clients are also investors who want their property to increase in value over time and consider it to be an investment. We have a wealth of experience in this field, and work in close cooperation with our clients to restructure, rebuild and repair houses in the most exciting parts of the world, so increasing their value. These properties can then be sold quickly at a higher price, so multiplying the investment.

Everything we do is based on understanding the needs of our clients and maximising the value of their properties. Using our design expertise, houses and apartments can be transformed with the interiors looking more expensive than the money invested in them. The properties we create are in high demand and will easily find a buyer. Through working with us, our clients receive a high standard of professional support based on a solid understanding of the goals and objectives of such projects, and their financial components.

Our Service

Studio Vinci designs architectural spaces and transforms them into space to live, taking care of all aspect and phases of realisation.
Studio Vinci is able to follow all aspect of the production process, from an idea up to its accomplishment.
It guarantees a high quality product through the technical and operative coordination, a rigorous quality control and the precious assistance of its master artisans.
Everything is realized in strict compliance with Client’s requirements.