The design studio Design Vinci was created in the 1999, coordinated and directed by Architect Paolo Vinciguerra, backed by two generations of activities in the field art and architecture, the experience gained and consolidated in recent years, supported by a research project open to many influences and contemporary and the world, featuring a “making architecture” capable of binding freedom thought and rationality.
The comparison with the context, the attention to detail and the desire to combine rigor formal with a calibrated experimentation as a guide to unified methodology.


The pursuit of perfection.
In our job, nature and geometry are stepping stones of an original,
arduous and complex planning procedure called “research into form”.
For  DesignVinci, the form is in fact the start
and finish of a journey into research that has taken us a long way.
On the way to innovation we have identified new materials,
new techniques, but above all new technologies we can use on materials,
while keeping a constant eye on the environment and on sustainability.
Ways of discovering values and contents, responsibilities and interests.